In TOPOGRAFIA DENIA we offer you the following services:
  • Land surveying services and stakeout
  • Jobsite Topography
  • Cadastre
  • Geodetic and Topographic networks
  • 3D Laser Scanner
  • Special projects

Land surveying services and stakeout

Necessary to know the real square meters of the plot and indispensable for any urbanization project. Regardless of the size of the project, today it is imperative to know the current situation of the land as the basis for a project. To know properly the planimetry and altimetry of the land on which an engineering work is to be carried out, positioning of the existing services that oblige to modify the initial design of the project or to know the exact location of elements such as trees or urban furniture is very important.
It is not only necessary for urbanization projects; it is also used for renovations and extensions of houses, road, etc. Also today know the real square meters is essential for the sale of land and the obtaining of a positive validation of the alternative graphic representation (RGA), used for Notaries and Land Registry, in addition to presenting the solutions to the Cadastre in case of rectification of discrepancies.

Jobsite Topography

We provide a complete, fast and efficient service of technical assistance in the jobsite from the beginning of the projetc till the editing of plans as built. In addition, we include surface calculations and calculations of earth movements for certifications purposes or control of land fills sites, as well as all types of stakeout. We also prepare the terrain data for the control and 3D guidance of machinery.


One of our specialties is the cadastral discrepancies. To do this, we offer our experience and the power to carry out a series of tasks such as plots delineations, offering a definitive solution on the ground by the stakeout of Boundaries and surface certifications. Cadastral certifications are also necessary in the case of buying and selling operations. We help our clients with administrative management for segregation or grouping of plots, variation of ownership, etc … giving rise to the correction of cadastral discrepancies that may have originated.
TOPOGRAFIA DENIA offers the possibility of obtaining the Cadastral Graphical Validation Report or the Alternating Graphic Representation (RGA), currently required for the Cadastre and for the Land Registry
According to Law 13/2015, of June 24, on reform of the Mortgage Law and the consolidated text of the Real Estate Cadastre Law, a system of coordination has been established between the Real Estate Cadastre and the Land Registry, so that this Incorporate the geo-referenced graphical representation of the register plots, using cadastral mapping as the basis. This is intended to give more security to the location, delimitation and area data of the registration of the plot that is the subject of legal transactions.
The General Directorate of the Cadastre and the General Directorate of Land Registries and Notaries have approved together a resolution regulating the technical requirements for the exchange of information between the Cadastre and the Land Registries. The resolution develops the aforementioned Law 13/2015, which entered into force on 1 November.

Geodetic and Topographic networks

Our qualification and experience allows us to carry the installation of geodetic control points, delivering complete densification projects and the maintenance of geodetic networks. We also have the necessary instrumentation to carry out high precision levelling.

3D Laser Scanner

A Laser scanner belonging to the High Definition Surveying (HDS) range of Topographic System is being used as a key tool for the most demanding projects. So no detail is missed, our highly qualified company is responsible for carry out surveys of millions of points, creating vital spaces.

Special projects

In addition to all the above mentioned works we also have the necessary material to carry out precision industrial surveying (topography). We also provide architectural and design with the necessary assistance to carry out their space-redesign projects by measuring facades and interiors of buildings.